1965 Mustang

The 1965 Mustang went on sale April 17, 1964. It is Ford's most successful car since the introduction of the Model A. It raised Ford's sales volume by over half a million cars. Mechanically, the car was not revolutionary. It was based on the lowly Falcon which was Ford's lowest priced economy car in the years before . The interior, chassis, suspension, and drivetrain components were a mix of those used on the Falcon and Fairlane models.

The first production Mustangs that were built before August '64 are often referred to as 1964 1/2 model year cars, although officially there is no such thing as a 1964 Mustang..... only '65 model year cars. From 30 feet away the early and later cars are practically identical. They had the same wheelbase of 108" and used the same exterior sheet metal. There are several minor refinements that Ford incorporated at different times but It was not until Ford shut down the assembly lines for retooling in early August, '64 that a definitive change was made . That is when the switch was made from direct current generators to the more efficient alternator.

The real draw of the car was in its styling. With it's long, low hood and short rear deck, sculptured side panels and low roofline ,the car had a sporty look that appealed to everybody. Six weeks after its showing the car was selected to be the Official Pace car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Still, nothing about the success of the car was accidental. The introduction of the car to the public was bolstered by a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Ford invited the press and presented the car at its pavilion at the 1964 Worlds Fair in New York. On the night of April 16th, they sponsored commercials on all three television networks and on the 17th ads appeared in 2600 daily newspapers. Other promotional ploys included displaying the car at major airport terminal's, and near the registration desk of over 100 Holiday Inn hotels. The American public was being saturated with news of the new 1965 Mustang, and they loved it !

All of the early Mustangs are a good choice for as a first collector car. There are many informal car shows across the U.S and abroad where you can "show and swap", and get advice from other enthusiast . The cars are easy to drive and maintain . For leads on buying your first collector car see our for sale ads, or check out our Custom Locating Service.


1965 Fastback

1965 GT Coupe

1965 Fastback Caspian Blue

Springtime Yellow '65 Coupe

1965 Nightmist Blue Convertible

1965 Convertible in Prairie Bronze

1965 Guardsman Blue Convertible

1965 Coup Red with white interior

1965 Mustang in Vintage Burgundy

1965 Pony Interior Coupe Movie Car

Early 1964 1/2 "D" code Mustang Convertible

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