1965-1970 Ford Mustand Appraisal


How We Work - Custom Locating Service


We are Mustang enthusiast and have been passionate about classic cars for over 30 years. We are not brokers, we act as your agent, consider your interest. We shop for your classic, sports or specialty car according to your specifications.  We listen to you to find out what you are looking for in a car, and advise you about the pro's and con's of any particular model. We shop California and the south west U.S.A. to find your car at a reasonable price. We work in your behalf and charge you xx% commission upon purchase. Our commission is negotiable on high end cars.

We travel and personally evaluate prospects. Our inspection includes viewing repair, restoration and maintenance records. We inspect body panels and seams for rust and filler; evaluate the quality and condition of paint, interior, gauges, lights and more.

We roadtest the car, listening for whines, howls, paying attention to strange vibrations; checking if the car goes down the road straight without pulling right or left, acceleration and brake test.  We check the trans for smoothness and proper shifting .

We e-mail you our evaluation and send you a complete set of photos to get your feedback. We negotiate with the seller in your behalf to insure you are paying fair market price, which is your purchase price. We have looked at hundreds of cars in the last decade, and are very much up to date on what a good price is for a classic Mustang considering model, options, condition etc.

After inspection, we relay the report to you for your final O.K.. We arrange trucking or shipping . Once your vehicle is on its way, we procure copies of transport papers and let you know when you can expect delivery of your car !

Before we begin to search for your car, we need a retainer of $900.00 U.S. The funds are used to place a deposit when we find a car to your liking . There is no charge for our search and travel time above our commission, which we collect when we weed out the junk and buy the right car for you .

We can assist with appraising and procuring your vintage Shelby, Cobra Jet , Mach One, Boss or any make of car located in North America for a set fee. We specialize in early 1965-1970 Mustangs and also have owned 50's and 60's Chevrolet-GMC cars, Chrysler Plymouth cars and have experience with same. Write us for details.

Clients from within California, across the U.S., from Europe, Down Under and around the world have entrusted us to be their agent. The most requested cars are the early 1965 and 1966 Mustangs, followed by the 1967 and 1968 model years. We have have worked with newcomers to the hobby and experienced collectors. We have procured everything from fun, reliable weekend drivers to exotic showcars . Examples of cars we have found for clients can be found in our Photo Gallery. Some were given as anniversary or birthday presents . We understand that you may be cautious about doing business with a company you know only from the Internet. We will provide you with our U.S. and worldwide client references, a letter from our California bank where we have been a customer for over a decade , and any other information you request.

Already have an idea about what you are looking for in a car ? Then fill out our Client Search Survey , or you can write to us at .

Special Note: We at Mustang Dreams recognize that there are companies offering similar services. One company claims to "look at almost every classic Mustang and Shelby for sale in North America". They have mimicked our process and our Client Survey practically down to the letter. We personally put our hands on all prospects and do not "hire out" unknown third parties across the country to evaluate cars for us. We have been classic car enthusiast for 30 years, presenting on the web since 1996, and are not associated with them. We are flattered.

Note about E-bay: We have seen good deals on E-bay; we have also seen cars up for auction that we inspected months ago and ran away from; rusty floors, important details omitted. Check the sellers credentials & buyer beware.



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