1965 Mustang GT For Sale

This is an authentic factory GT, a rust free car originally sold in Los 1965  GT MustangAngeles and has spent all its life in Southern California .

The 1965 Mustang GT was a factory offered package. The car came equipped with a 289 V8 engine, 4 barrel carb, fog lights, dual exhaust and front disk brakes. A White stripe ran from wheelwell tro wheelwell.

GT's also had a stiffer suspension and tight ratio steering box.

For 1965, regular (non GT) Mustangs had a rectangular instrument gauge, the same one used on the Ford Falcon. The GT's had the five round dial instrument cluster, gauges showing Fuel --- Oil Pressure ---Speedometer --- Amp Meter -- Water Temperature. Ford began using the five round dial cluster on all the Mustangs starting in 1966. Go here to learn more about how to verify a 1965 1966 Mustang GT. This car is sold, but you can search for other cars on our read the ads page, or find out about our locating service.



The car is the original Ford color Twilight Turquoise with a Standard Black interior, matching the build info on the data plate. This is a "Black Plate" California car. The California DMV issues plates at time of sale or first California registration that stay with the car from owner to owner. Cars that came from out of state and were registered here during later periods will have blue or white plates. - Only 5% of all 1965 - 1966 Mustangs were manufactured as GT cars. It is one of the most collectable of all the early Mustangs.

 Styled Steel Wheels

 This original, unrestored,GT has the correct dual  "Trumpet" exhaust and Styled Steel wheels. The wheels were not part of the package, they could be ordered separately on any Mustang in 1965.


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