1965-1970 Ford Mustand Appraisal

1965 Mustang Convertible

1964 1965 mustang convertible

Although designated a 1965 Mustang, this car is of early '64 manufacture.
Sometimes called ' 64 1/2 cars. Distinguished by having a generator
(instead of an alternator) and other minor differences from later cars.


Data Plate numbers: indicate Manufactured in Dearborn Michigan, March 17 , 1966
First sold in Denver Car was originally Silver with Blue interior .289 V8 "A" code 4 barrel carb, 4 Speed Transmission

The code also indicates that the car has a tight ratio 3.00:1 traction lock rear end. Although the car is not a San Jose born California car, it does have the old black California plates, I will say with confidence that the original, practically rust free undercarriage indicates the car has spent much of its life in a dry climate.

Manual ( non power) top, Correct GT options including dual " Trumpet" exhaust, front disk brakes and fog lights.Correct GT "badging" and stripe.Correct tight ratio GT non power steering box. #'s HCCAX 6C10B

Optional ( non GT package) "rally pac"...very nice !Styled steel wheels. ( red "center caps" on wheels cosmetically poor/ sun cracked plastic....these are replaceable.... wheels themselves very good!)

All in all, although there were no Ford data plate codes that prove that ANY car is a factory original GT for the '65-'66 era Mustang, I would say that their is a very high probability that this one is.

Paint very good , older job still high gloss with no signs of peeling. checking, fading. Body panels very good, rust free, minor "wave" when looking down the side of the car (indicateting some bondo), parking lot dings and several very small 3mm by 3mm gravel chips. All in all very presentable and impressive to the casual observer ( not looking eyeball to paint for flaws).

Interior fair to very good showing some wear/minor flaws. Bumpers, bright work all very presentable. Window regulators all good, go up and down. In Dash electricals: Horn, lights, turnsignals, wiper, heater fan, oil pressure, water temp, and amp meter all OK

Under hood: "Driver" clean but not detailed engine compartment with typical oil grudge.
New 3 core radiator heavy duty radiator, new water pump , cap and rotor.

Under Carriage: Unmolested rust free/ typical fluid leaks .

Car started immediately, held idle, runs smooth. Accelerates briskly, did not pull right or left. The car has some front end shake noticeable on acceleration might be due to "old hard tires" ( Although the car has what appears to be very good tread Dunlaps, he believes they have been sitting on the car for many years).

Compression tested the car previously and represents that the brakes are good with new wheel cylinders, compression 130 - 140 all around.

Overall conclusion: This a solid #3 condition, rare, factory original 4 speed GT, well worth the 20K final negotiated price. Even if the engine was shot/ not running ( not the case) and/or the car in need of front end or other work...it is a great investment/ proud car to enjoy and keep.

  1964 mustang convertible interior

 Ford color Rangoon Red with with Red Interior,
redone as original as indicated on the data plate code


1964 ford mustang engine

 This original "D" code car boost a correctly detailed engine
compartment with 4-barrel carb, power steering,  and power brakes.


ford Mustang steering wheel

 Other options include the original AM radio,
factory air conditioning and center console.


1964 ford mustang steering wheel  image

Note the optional "Rally-Pac" with a clock on the right and 6000
RPM tachometer on the left of the steering column. The unit bolted
 to the column and sat below the speedometer and other gauges



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