1965 Mustang Convertible in Guardsman Blue1965 Mustang in Guadsman Blue

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible

"D" code 289 V8 engine , 4 Speed Manual Transmission Power Steering / Drum Brakes / Dual Exhaust

Dearborn, Michigan car first sold in San Jose. This is an early car sometimes referred to 1964 1/2 . This is the first run of Mustang production which began in March 1964 and ran through August. All the early cars were made in Michigan. There are some subtle differances between these early cars and the later ones made from September 1965 on.

The early cars had a belt driven D.C. geneartor vs. an A.C. altenator. The altenator driven Mustangs were able to produce more current at lower RPM's. The red "idiot light" in the dash directly below the speedometer indicates GEN in the early cars and ALT in the later.

The car original color was Skylight (light) Blue. It has been repainted a darker 1964 1/2 original color Guardsman Blue, including painted door jambs, under hood and under trunk lid...brand new one week old paint. The car has 14" wheels with hubcaps that look like they are from a Ford Falcon.


All the windows work. All the lights, turn signals function properly. The car has an aftermarket 5" Stewart Warner Tachometer mounted to the right of the instrument cluster. It also has aftermarket oil pressure and amp-meter gauges mounted under the dash (which give more information than the red "idiot lights" on the instrument cluster).

Brand new blue carpet & kickpanels. New blue power convertible top with plastic rear window; works perfectly. AM radio. The engine bay has been painted black; the valve covers and block have been paint (incorrect color) red-orange. __________________________________________________________________________

There is an odd glass bottle on the drivers side forward part of the engine compartment attached to the inner fender apron. This is a "water injection system" that puts a small stream of water into the carburetor.

This was a popular gimmick in the late 50's and early 60's .... and some say it improves gas mileage and performance of the car ! Here are the reasons:

> 1. cooling of the cylinder.
> 2. slowing of flame front speed, improving combustion completion.
> 3. additive effect expansion; when water changes state from a
liquid to a gas in the heat of combustion. (the ratio of expansion
of water from a liquid to a gas (steam) is about 600 to 1.)