In 1964 the American automobile industry was dominated by the Big Three; General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. The fledging AMC (American Motor Company) held a 4.7 percent market share. Foreign cars were still the stuff of eccentrics, tinkerers and enthusiast accounting for less than 3% of the market

The cars of the Big Three all had about the same proportions. Lee Iacocca, who had worked his way up from salesman to General Manager had an idea for a small, sporty car .The first prototype of the Mustang was a mid engine car with a fiberglass body. It had a long hood and short rear deck that gave it a great look, but the car was too impractical and costly to build for his target market. Ford's designers took the styling cues from this first car and incorporated it into a more conventional form.

The 1965 production Mustang sat on what was basically a Ford Falcon frame with front engine and rear wheel drive. Practically all the drivetrain components were interchangeable with the Falcon. Style wise the car was something else !

The first production Mustang's had sculptured side panels that started in a line from the leading edge of the long front fender and ends in a chrome accent just below the rear window pillar. The belt line of the car is accentuated by a pinched up line that again runs from the top of the front fender and and sweeps up at the rear quarter just after the doors. This gives the appearance of a kicked up rear deck and adds to the car's crisp, uncluttered look in all body styles.

Ford produced many more coupes than convertibles or fastbacks. Over 1,800,000 were made between 1964 and 1970. The cars are still used as reliable daily drivers , or they can be restored and shown. Good values can be found, especially in the 6 cylinder cars.

1965 Mustang GT Coupe
1965 GT Coupe
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1965 coupe

1965 in Poppy Red



1968 Ford Mustang in Tahoe Turquiose
1968 Tahoe Turquoise Coupe
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1965 Coupe - Wimbledon White



1967 Mustang in Arcadian Blue

1967 Arcadian Blue



1970 Mustang Grande
1970 Mustang Grande Coupe


Mustang California Special
1967 California Special Coupe  


Mustang 1966 Caspian Blue
1966 Caspian Blue


Silver Bullet
Silver Bullet Coupe


1967 Eleanor Mustang GT 500
1968 Resto-Mod Eleanor Coupe


1967 Mustang
1967 Mustang Coupe



Pony Interior 1965 Mustang
1965 Pony Interior Coupe Movie Car


1967 Mustang - Vintage Burgundy
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1966 Mustang in Tahoe Turquise

'66 Tahoe Turquoise


1972 Mustang
1972 Coupe in Grabber Blue




1966 Mustang in Ivy Green

1966 Coupe in Ivy Green



Springtime Yellow Mustang
Springtime Yellow Coupe


1968 Mustang
1968 Mustang


1965 in Vintage Burgundy

1965 red with white interior



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