1967 Ford Mustang GT For Sale

1967 Mustang GTA

This is a classy 1967 Mustang GTA Coupe in Vintage Burgundy. The "GT" is a takeoff
on the European "Grand Touring" designation ... the "A" designates automatic transmission .


Besides the GT options this car has the "exterior decor group" which included (silver color)
accents running up from the bumper (framing the tail lights) , and on the wheel well edges over the tires.



Note the louvered hood; small cut-out "air scoops" that faced the driver , and housed
working integral turn signal indicators . This was part of the " exterior decor" group offered on the1967 Mustang.


1967 Mustang Deluxe Interior
This nicely finished car also has the 1967 Mustang deluxe interior option which
included brushed aluminum trim around the instrument gauges and on the door panels .


Black Vinyl Interior
Bright trim on the seatbacks, courtesy lamps on door and molded arm rest were all part of the Deluxe Interior.


Mustang center console
The 1967 Mustang Center Console has a sharp looking roll up door


Mustang overhead console
The 1967 Mustang overhead roof console has pasenger and driver map lights.



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