1969 Shelby GT 500 Mustang

1969 Shelby

The 1969 Shelby Cobra used fiberglass front end & front fenders, and rear deck & trunk lid.



1969 Mustang Shelby Cobra

The side hood scoops cool the engine, the large center scoop is the intake for the ram air.



GT Emblem and Stripes ; Functional front and rear scoops provide cooling air for the brakes.



428 Cobra Jet Ford  Musatng

428 Cobra Jet Ram Air engine produced 335 Horsepower



The Shelby used the stock '69 Mustangs "Deluxe" interior, with wood decals and 3 spoke steering wheel.

This Shelby was built on Feb. 26, 1969 in Dearborn , the 1,359th car of approximately 1,500 built.
The car came with factory equipped power steering, power front disc brakes, C-6 Cruise-O-Matic transmission,
3.00 standard axle ratio, "Selectair" air conditioning, special wide seatbelts, clock, tachometer and trip odometer.




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