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1966 Mustang Convertible

1966 Mustang Convertible  in Wimbledon White

Correct as manufactured 289 V8 "C Code" : 2 barrel carb. Automatic transmission. Data plate indicates the car was manufactured in Metuhen Ford plant off the assembly line May 25, 1966 , originally distributed and sold in Washington, DC . The car was originally Black/Red Interior. Now repainted a correct Ford color "Wimbledon White" which is a color that you could order from the factory in 1966, desirable, classy paint scheme.

Options include:
Power Steering, Power Brakes with Front Disk. The front disk brakes are very nice to have, available as factory option for the 1966 Mustang. Also note in 65-66 if you ordered factory front disk brakes they were not available w/power boost assist, the power boost is was only available starting 1967, thus this is a kit modification/ addition of power booster on the car.

Pony Interior, center console ( long storage compartment / dress up option running down the center between drivers and passenger seat). air conditioning wire wheel hubcaps. Split glass rear window, a later upgrade, the original plastic always wears and discolorsand needs to be replaced periodically. Paint, interior, most brightwork (chrome) have all been redone and practically "show" condition. All exterior trim intact and correct.

The bumpers have been rechromed, many many details have been refurbished . The car has brand new interior, new top, many new misc. parts too much to list. !!! Excellent !!! recent paint job, high gloss , correctly applied with no checking, peeling etc. Small 1mm x 3mm chip in the corner of the hood, and two or three other minor chips/flaws not apparent to casual observer ( typical gravel paint chips etc.)

Bumpers rechromed excellent like new .All other trim correct and very good.. Simulated wire wheel hubcaps correct option for 1966"Cooper" brand radial tires with 25% wear left . Engine compartment excellent clean painted and detailed, no bad remarkable oil leaks (i.e. valve cover leaks, etc.) Even the area under bottom hood is nice and clean !

All air conditioning components were on the car (compressor, evaporator under hood and dash blower) .The unit appears 1960's factory installed original . Headlights, hi-lo beams, turnsignals, wipers , heater fan, oil pressure , alt. gauge all checked out OK.

All widow regulators/tracks good, go up and down. Car started from dead cold perfectly, idled smoothly. Accelerated briskly with no transmission slippage etc. Engine is well tuned, idles and accelerates briskly , underhood has all new hoses, belts, plug wires indicating mechanical have been paid attention to. # 2 condition car; with excellent paint, cosmetically excellent in and out. Options including power steering, power disk brakes, power top, console and Pony Interior .Very nice example of a 1966 Mustang convertible !

Period correct simulated "wire wheel" hubcaps with
spinners as could be ordered from the factory in '66







Options include Pony Interior (simulated wood appliqués)
center console and air conditioning


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