1971 Mustang Mach One



In 1971 the Mustang got a major makeover. The cars was lower wider and meaner than their predecessors. The Muscle Car high horsepower race was on and Ford was determined not to eat dust. The cars could be ordered with any one of three different engines, the mild mannered 302, a Cleveland 351 or the race breed 429. The later produced a respectable 370 horsepower, making these some of the fastest production Mustangs ever produced.

Standard styling accents include color keyed rear view mirrors, honeycombed front grill with amber fog lamps, and blackout hood . All the hoods had the Ram Air intake scoops, but that does not mean the car was ordered or set up with the Ram Air induction.

The back glass raked at an extreme angle, giving the rear of the car a mean look. The rear spoiler was a dealer option & most of the Mach owners ordered it with their car.


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