1968 Mustang Convertible

1968 mustang jpg

  Candy Apple Red with Red interior, off the assembly line March 21




Factory Candy Apple Red with red interior, off the assembly line March 21 1968, 2.79 to 1 Rear Axle Ratio, Automatic Transmission 289 V8 engine Thus this is a "numbers matching" correct engine, trans, color as from the factory in 1968.

Power front disk brakes ( rear drums), power top. The paint is presentable and has a shine, looks nice at four meters away . The car has been polished with a fine rubbing compound many times. Close up there are imperfections; small hairline scratches (see fine_scratch.jpg) throughout if you look at the paint from a reflective angle. Also water spots (see water_spots.jpg) that would clean up with a proper detail and wax job.

The paint is worn away in some areas at the hard ridges along the side body panels, again the result of being polished many times, see worn.jpg and worn2.jpg

The sheet metal is creased / deformed on the front left wheelwell at the wheelwell lip, see deformed.jpg. There are three soft parking lot dents about 30mm round each near the rear right wheel well, see dents.jpg There is a soft dent similar to the above on the front right fender. There are three rust spots around the right tail light, and one near the left taillight.. This is the only rust on the body panels on the car. They are *not* indicative of more extensive hidden rust either in the taillight area or elsewhere on the car. The bodypanels themselves are bondo free and line up well There is no evidence of "waviness" or bondo when you look down the sides of the car.

Chrome/ bumpers brightwork fair condition commsumerate with the age of the car with no deep pitting , rust, etc. The car has "Magnum 500" steel wheels which are a year off from being strictly period correct, the wheels on the car were first available starting in 1969. The wheels cost $700.00 if purchased as an aftermarket item.

Interior ; The seat covers are very good / presentable with absolutely no tears etc. . The carpet is good. The dash area is clean and the car has the original working AM FM radio. The door panels inserts are good. There is some wear on finish of the drivers side door panel where one would rest their elbow see drivers_door.jpg

All widow regulators / tracks are good, all the windows go up and down smoothly. Engine compartment very reasonably clean with no oil leaks from the valve covers, power steering pump etc.

Looking under the car ; Undercarriage, rocker panels, torque box's and rails are straight , floor panels intact and practically rust free Any rust you see is superficial surface rust .I inspected the metal extensively the point of scratching the floor pans the wheelwell with an awl, they are absolutely solid. The mufflers is bent but does not appear to be leaking ( the exhaust note is not loud). The bottom of the transmission has trans fluid on it and after a 30 minute test drive did drip two small drops on the ground. I couldn't tell if it was leaking from the gasket or rear main seal but in any event it is not a bad leak and would not have to be serviced right away.

Headlights, hi-lo beams, turnsignals, wipers , heater fan, oil pressure gauge, temp gauge all OK. Horn does not work Amp meter does not work. Road Test

Car started from cold perfectly, idled smoothly. Accelerated briskly with no transmission slippage etc. The automatic transmission is working in all three gears ( drive 1 and 2 ) .

Engine is well tuned, accelerates briskly , has all new hoses, belts, plug wires indicating mechanicals have been paid attention to. The brake pedal felt solid with no sponge / softness.




    68 Mustang convertible

1968 was the first year the Mustang had side marker lights ( seen here right rear quarter panel).



1968  Ford Mustang convertible top up picture

The car looks just as sharp with the top up .



mustang interior 1968

The '68 Mustang interior had the two spoke steering wheel and five round dial instrument gauge



1967 and 1968 Mustang cars are very similar. The latter cars used the same sheet metal and had the same dimensions, as the '67. The new model had a slightly different grill and upholstery pattern.. Government mandated safety regulation included rear side marker lights and a collapsible steering wheel that folded to protect the driver in the event of an accident


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