1965 Mustang Fastback




Mustang Fastback with 'A' code 289 V8 Engine

Options Include:

-Dual Exhaust
-Power Steering

-Automatic Transmission
-289 V8 with 4 Barrel carb
-Four Piston Front Disk Brakes

-Center console
-Day and Night Mirror

-Working FoMoCo Pushbutton AM Radio
-Goodyear195/75R14 Polyglass Radial Tires
-2+2 Fold Down Rear Seat with Trap Door into Trunk

Beautiful example of a first year production Mustang Fastback. Fresh paint in correct factory color Rangoon Red with a rich, deep gloss. The body panels line up as they should, the doors close with a solid 'thunk'. New weather-stripping under the trunk lid, hood cowl and doors. The window regulators work as they should. The rear air louvers (triangular vents) open and close as they should. The car is fitted with 195/75R14 Goodyear Polyglass Radial Tires 90% tread left, and correct wheel covers.

The seatcovers, carpet, headliner are all in very good condition. There are no cracks or warps in the dashpad.The instrument bezels are in good shape. It has a 1965 Mustang GT style gauge set , with full instrumentation oil pressure meter and amp meter. All the gauges, lights, wiper, horn, AM radio, etc. work. The 2+2 fold down rear seat works as it should..

Factory original 225 HP 'A' code car; the second most powerful Mustang V8 engine in '65 . It has been tested and shows 125-130 compression in all cylinders. The engine oil pressure has been tested steady 35 PSI at idle as it should. No leaks from the valve covers, oil pan or main seal. The front end has new front coil springs, saddles and new control arms. Drives and tracks perfectly straight with both hands off the wheel at 65 MPH. We have been driving this car on on streets, freeways and up 3000 foot mountains and it runs perfectly. Has font disk brakes and power steering which were factory options in '65.

The bottoms of the doors, rear quarter panels, fender lips & rocker panels are completely solid and rust free. The car has all original, solid, factory floorpans. This is a nice, unmolested, period correct Mustang Fastback. This is not someone's odd incantation or fantasy of a car with fake Shelby stripes; or weird oversize tires, or strange16" rims or tiny steering wheel. This is the way the car was produced, purchased, ogled at and and enjoyed in 1965 . This car went to a U.S. client. If you are interested in finding one like it, find out about our locating service.

Click on the YouTube Video Below see the results of the compression and oil pressure test

Click on the YouTube Video to see the results of the compression and oil pressure test taken with gauges at the block.


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