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If you have checked "A" above, please come back to us and submit this when you are closer to buying the right car. We will then be happy to act on your survey! For info on body styles, options and pricing go to Hobbyist Information.

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Acceptable years ( The '64 thru '68 cars are most requested / best choice for first collector car)
'64 1/2 ---  '65 ---  '66
'67 ---  '68
'69 ---  '70


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Open to any original Mustang color if we find a nice car !

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Note: 4 speeds are rare and limit other options / color choices. Expect to pay 10% to 20% more for cars with manual 4 speed transmission.

Please Indicate Acceptable Steering:
Power ---  Non-Power ---  Power or non-power , both O.K.

Options desired? Indicate which are "must have", and which you are flexible on.

#1...Perfect showcar, museum piece.
#2...Excellent...has some minor flaws not noticeable to the casual observer, garaged and pampered, good original / restored as original in all details. Mechanically sound. Often has many desirable options .
#3...Good.....a "driver",  with intact paint and interior ; presentable , showing wear and having flaws. Mechanically, major components are functional.
# 4... Good to Fair... obviously needs paint, body or interior work OR looks good but close inspection reveals excessive body filler or rust. Mechanically questionable. A project car. Sorry, we do not deal in these cars

Please indicate A or B, but not both!:
A- Mileage is not a factor to me, I will accept a clean, well maintained car no matter what the mileage.
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For realistic prices please see the guide below.
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We will be happy to quote shipping costs, but receive requests from all over the world and cannot calculate import duties or tax . Please check your Customs / Department of Motor Vehicles for import requirements.
No, I have not yet checked requirements.
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The following price guide is for Coupes, Convertibles and Fastbacks with standard interior , 289 V8 engine and automatic transmission. The chart is a guide, a buyer might pay more or less depending on variables such as color combination ( i.e. deluxe two tone interior), set of options, documentation of major repairs etc.

Highly optioned cars will exceed these ranges i.e #2 condition convertible, excellent cosmetics, center console , rally package, styled steel wheels, power top or other mix of extra's $28,000 on up.  

Price Guide for Basic Mustang
V8 engine, automatic transmission

#3 Condition  #2 Condition 
$10,000 -$12,000 
Fastback 65-66
Fastback 67-68 $30,500 - $32,500 $33,500 - $38,500
1964 1/2- 1968 Model Years Base Price

1969 -1970 Deduct Apprx. 15% 

For highly optioned cars add 10% to 20%

- Front disk brakes---Fog Lights
- 4 barrel carb and dual exhaust,
- GT Equipment Group ( includes all items above)

-Center Console
-Two Tone Interior
-Pony Interior Package


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