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Sellers: There are scams circulating on the net. One involves an eager buyer sending you a money order for your car for more than the price, and asking you to refund the difference. Another involves the buyer pretending to send a check to buy your car to a fake escrow company. Read more about fraud here.

Buyers: Exercise caution, do not send funds to unverified parties. Con artist might set up "front" business's/ web pages and ask you to send funds to a phony escrow or shipping company.

Beware of forged headers (return addresses) that try to look like mail has been sent from a legitimate source ( e-bay, pay pal or even Mustangdreams ! ) We at Mustang Dreams do not get involved with sales unless you have engaged us to locate and inspect a car for you. If in doubt write to us at hand copy  this address / graphic to foil spambots This is our only legitimate e-mail address ! Read more about our locating service here.

All fraudualent offers will be tracked and reported to
U.S.A. IP Fraud Tracking, and U.S and overseas law enforcement

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