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1969 Mustang For Sale

The 1969 1970 Mach One 1 bridged the gap between the standard Mustang
and the Boss 302, 428 and Shelby cars. It came with the 351 Cleveland or Windsor
engine or could be ordered with the 428 Cobra . The car was a high performance
Muscle Car at an affordable price. 72,000 were made in '69 40,000 more in '70.


In '69 Ford introduced the "Sportsroof" style. The body was used for the performance
Mustangs ; Mach I pictured here, Boss 302 and Boss 429. This example retains all original
1969 stock body panels and color scheme, but has modern low profile ( short sidewall ) rims and tires .



The hood was painted flat black. Standard equipment
included hoodpins, dual color matched mirrors and rear spoiler.


The original 1969 Mustang mach One 1 came with a 351 Windsor engine or a 428
Cobra Jet, both hi-performance V8's. This one is a resto-mod ( restored and modified car )
with a modern Ford 392 racing engine that screams out 700 Horse Power, 1000 HP with Nitrous

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